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Impact Investor - Global Communication Strategist - Architect of SDGs Initiatives - Social Impact Filmmaker - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion

Natasha, a mission-driven Accelerator, Advisor, and Advocate, boasts over two decades of experience revolutionizing global impact storytelling and sustainable development, aligning closely with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Her work, which includes mobilizing $380 million in impact investments and launching over 100 ventures globally, reflects her unique blend of strategic communications, creativity, collaborations, and celebrity advocacy.

Collaborating with a broad spectrum of global partners such as the USA, UAE, and India governments to philanthropies, Natasha founded The World We Want. This incubator is situated at the forefront of storytelling and global development, creating disruptive strategies that transform international issue awareness into tangible action.

Some of her notable contributions include leading the global advocacy and communications for the $17 billion Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate initiative, to serving as India Director for the UN’s Global Goals campaign to drive awareness of the SDGs to over 1.3 billion Indians.

Impact Investor - Global Communication Strategist - Architect of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Initiatives - Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity Champion

Natasha works at the nexus of corporate, entertainment, and sustainability solutions to address global challenges such as the climate crisis, global health, gender empowerment, and SDGs action. She advises the US, UAE, and India Governments, global multi-lateral organisations like the UN, businesses, industry leaders, social impact entrepreneurs, philanthropic foundations, and popular culture personalities on their social impact journeys.

Natasha has spearheaded global communications and advocacy strategies including for the #WhatIReallyReallyWant campaign to promote SDG5: Gender Equality, advised the US and UAE governments for a major $13B agriculture innovation for climate action initiative AIM for Climate, popularized the SDGs to 1.3+ billion people in India as India Director of the United Nations’ Global Goals campaign, and facilitated summits and ventures to tackle the stigma surrounding women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Natasha conceptualized projects such as the SDGs Impact Summit to unlock partnerships between the Global North and Global South to accelerate SDGs action to meet 2030 targets, and the “We Are Family” campaign in partnership with WHO to promote global solidarity and unity during the height of the first COVID-19 pandemic.

Natasha is also the Founder of The World We Want, a global impact platform, that harnesses the power of storytelling, collaborations, and creativity to drive social change.

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